video call


Video Call Breakout

SignSupport is sufficient to bridge some predictable conversation. In the case of complicated communication, which a Deaf person and a pharmacist (or anyone else) may need assistance for interpretation, the Deaf patient (the owner of the phone) can use a video call option to contact a register and qualified South African Sign Language interpreter. The interpreter would then be able to mediate between the two parties.

This research focuses on the privacy and security of the Deaf patient information when using the video relay application to comply with legislation in terms of the South African Protection of Private Information (POPI) Act of 2013. Several video encryption techniques will be investigated to allow for video data security and transit of the sign language communication, together with authentication methods for user authentication. The Action research methodology will be used throughout the research, as there will be consultative sessions with the Deaf community, security experts and legal consultants for input and direction regarding privacy and security and application functionality.