SignSupport for Pharmacy

SignSupport for pharmacy follows a protocol defined by pharmacists to gather and provide health information in SASL to support a Deaf patient’s understanding of the diagnosed condition(s) and treatment adherence.

While waiting for medication at the hospital pharmacy, the patient can update the patient’s medical profile which are in-line with the pharmacy protocol. For example, information about patient’s gender, pregnancy status(if female), weight, food allergy, medicine allergy, current medication use, current sickness, smoking status, alcohol drinking status, adequate meal time consumption, and access to clean water.

When it is time for the patient to collect medication, the app prompts interaction between the pharmacist and the Deaf patient. The app guides the pharmacist to type in each medication instructions as prescribed. Picture of each medication can be taken, so the patient can see its picture, instead of having to read the medicine name. Once the pharmacist finishes giving the medication instructions by making selections of the available options, the app will match them with the pre-recorded videos in SASL. The app will then compile and orchestrate the medication instructions in SASL video format for the patient to watch. The instructions will be saved on the phone, so the patient can review it before taking the medication.