SignSupport for diabetes care is designed with its extension called, the Health Knowledge Transfer System (HKTS).

From conceptual design SignSupport is developed for communication bridging, or in other words, health consultations. HKTS, as the extension of SignSupport, is designed as information pool which a health professional can refer the relevant health information to the diagnosed disease to a Deaf patient. The information stored in the HKTS is designed to be accessible for Deaf audience by applying the information delivering techniques which are recommended by Deaf people in SASL. 

Diabetic Deaf patient’s journey in a process of care at a primary health center

Design framework of SignSupport and HKTS

The figure below illustrates how SignSupport and HKTS is designed to work together. SignSupport prompts a Deaf user to create a patient account (only applicable to a new user of the system), then to update the patient profile and prepare for a health facility visit. The app assists the communication and interactions between the Deaf patient and each staff/health professional involved the diabetes care process. SignSupport will pull data from HKTS when a staff or a health professional refers some health information (pre-recorded in video form) for the patient to watch.